Seven Ways to Bring Fun Back Into Your Classroom

Neurologists have proven that everyone learns and retains more when they are having fun. One of the most difficult tasks teachers face is how to keep students engaged in learning throughout the day. Here are a few ideas to keep learning fun and exciting.

Healthy Debate

Encourage students to discuss issues they are passionate about. An easy way to do this is to switch up a daily lecture with a more conversational format. Or you could go even further and set up informal debate teams. Teach them how to voice their opinion and back it up with statements of fact. Show them how to speak and listen respectfully. Explain how everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard and listened to. Learning about other viewpoints and that there are no easy answers helps students grow.

Give Students Choices
If there is room in the lesson plan for some leeway between topics, let students choose the next activity. Giving them a small amount of control in subject matter helps encourage attention and interaction in the classroom.

Let the Student Be the Teacher

Students may be more interested in learning when they know they will get a turn to be the teacher. Make sure they take it seriously by helping them devise their own lesson plan. Give them a short amount of time to teach about a subject they are interested in.


Seek Out the Mysterious
Students find learning more fun when they are discovering along the way. Ask questions that even you might not know the answer to. Think of ways to investigate a mystery that will pull the students in as they learn along the way.

Correlate Lessons With Life

Find out what your students are thinking about in their out-of-school hours. Incorporate their concerns into your lesson plans. If they are interested in earning money, change your math lesson to include ideas about work ethic and tips for saving.

Take It Outside
Go on small field trips. Just a walk in the field behind the school might bring plenty of scientific discoveries. From testing water and soil quality to identifying birds and insects, a trip outside is always a learning experience.



Use Technology

It’s no secret, it’s a technological world. Being able to use computers is part of the current education experience. Using Google Slides or Boom Cards will enhance computer literacy as well as the learning experience in your classroom. With topics ranging from recipes to “this day in history” slides, to math, reading comprehension and science, no subject is left out. Colorful slides and fun features like fill-in-the-blank and drag-and-drop keep students engaged.


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