Setting & Attaining Goals with your Students

Resolutions are a just a fancy way of saying goals. You and your students can make simple goals work for you at the beginning of the year or the middle. Just start where you are, take small steps, and you can achieve any goal with your students. Here’s how…

Fill out this form <free download> with your students. Ask your students what they want to improve and accomplish either individually or as a class. Write it down. What’s your goal? When do you want to have achieved this goal by? What are the steps you’re going to take to get it done. Track your progress as a class! It’ll be fun to see how you all improve and expand. Plus it is a great exercise that teaches your students a vital life lesson that they’ll use well into adulthood.

Here are our top 3 classroom goals:
Goal: Read More
Are you and your students reading 10 minutes a day together? Make it 12 minutes a day for a week, then 15 minutes a day for a week, and then 18 minutes a day for the next week. By the fourth week, you are all reading 30 minutes a day!

Do your students want to read a chapter a day? Start with a paragraph a day, progress to two, three, and so on until they are confident that they can read a full chapter a day. Taking baby steps will make it easier to accomplish the goal and make it a lasting habit rather than a daunting project.

Goal: Play More
As you know, learning isn’t all textbooks, note taking, and drills. Your students would love to play more and you’ll love that they can learn while playing! We’ve got tips to help you bring active game play into your classroom…and you can play too! Read these tips.

Goal: Move More
The most popular new year’s resolution is to get healthy. If that’s your goal, why not implement it in your classroom too?! It’s a great goal to have! You and your students will feel the benefits of exercise and movement, and they won’t have to wait until PE class. Use these tips for an active learning experience that works with any of your curriculum lessons.

As a class, take manageable steps, encourage each other, and keep each other accountable, and you can reach any goal!

What your new year’s goals/resolutions for your classroom?

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