Literacy Center: Silly Synonyms Game

Literacy centers are perfect for independent study as well as cooperative learning. But it can be time consuming creating skill centers for your class. This free skill center is a sample from our Skill Center Series that features time-saving, ready-made activities for busy teachers like you!

Follow these easy steps to play this fun game that will challenge students to match similar word meanings. While playing the game, students will get plenty of practice understanding and using synonyms.

Inside of File Folder

What You’ll Need:

How to Set it Up:

  • Prepare the file folder by coloring, cutting, and pasting the Silly Synonyms Caterpillar <free download> to the front of the folder. Have a student who finishes their work quickly (i.e. a “fast-finisher”) help you with this fun task.
  • Cut out the caterpillar cards <free download>. If you are able to, laminate the cards for longevity. Cut a slit in the paper where there is a dashed lined (this is where students will slide the flags into the card). To help make the game cards pretty and colorful, let students color each caterpillar card before you laminate them. Or print them on bright colorful paper.
  • Cut out the flags <free download>. Again it would be helpful, but not necessary, to laminate each flag.
  • Paste the student directions <free download> to the inside of the folder.
  • Store the flags in a plastic bag.
  • Store the entire game in the file folder. Now you have a fun, easy, and organized skill center right at your finger tips! You’ll also store this record sheet <free download> in the folder. You can even add additional synonym activities in the folder for additional review or follow-up assessment.

Student Directions:

  1. Lay the caterpillar cards on a flat surface.
  2. Take turns reading the words on the caterpillar cards. Or work as a team reading each caterpillar card.
  3. Find a silly synonym flag to go with each caterpillar.
  4. Slide the flag into the slots on the caterpillar card.
  5. When all are done, complete the record sheet.
  6. Return all the pieces back to the folder.

Extend Play!
Cut out these blank flags <free download>. Then laminate each flag. Have students make up their own silly synonyms to go with each caterpillar. Let students write their unique synonyms on the blank flags using a write-on/wipe-off marker. Then they can have a partner find and match the appropriate caterpillar for each flag. When students are finished playing, wipe off their silly synonyms for future play with other groups of students.

This fun & free #LiteracyCenter game from @remediapub will help your students practice #synonyms!
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