End-of-Year Post Card Writing Assessment

Oh the things you’ll see and the places you’ll go this summer…especially with a little imagination! Finish the school year by having students write about a place they’d like to visit over the summer. This simple assignment will assess what students have learned over the year about writing, research, and grammar while also meeting the standards.

Writing Assignment

– If you could go anywhere in the world on your summer vacation, where would you visit?
– Write a letter to your best friend (or teacher) telling them all about your imaginary trip.

– Research the location.
– Write about your trip as if you are there. Include details from your research.
– Draw a picture of the location on front of the post card.

Don’t forget to include
– Date
– Greeting
– Closing
– Address (use your school’s address)

End-of-Year Post Card Writing Assessment that Meets the Common Core State Standards | Remedia Publications

Free Download

Download this free post card template that includes a standard size post card template or an oversized template to use if you’d like your students to write more than a standard post card will hold. Plus find a few fun worksheets to refresh students on letter-writing.

Meet the Writing Standards

– Produce clear and coherent writing; development and organization should be appropriate to task, purpose, and audience. CC.W.4
– Write a first draft on a blank sheet of paper, proofread, and edit. CC.W.5
– Research the location. CC.W.7
– Rewrite final draft on this post card {free download}. CC.W.10
– Cite sources from research. CC.W.8

Need More Letter-Writing Practice?

Give your students even more practice with writing effectively. These affordable solutions will give students plenty of opportunity to practice essential skills and gain experience and confidence in writing.
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