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Reading skills have been dropping for years now, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made things worse. When students were unable to be in conventional classrooms for safety reasons, many of them fell even further behind. Students who were just learning how to read stalled in their progress. Now it's up to teachers, tutors, and parents to help children improve their reading proficiency,...
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It is no secret how hard the last year or so has been. Teachers and students suffered and struggled. Everyone did their best in uncharted waters. The pandemic changed how we lived, taught, and learned. Now it is time to regain some sense of normalcy, which everyone is excited about. But how? Researchers have figured out that holding students back...
Circle of Friends
Improve Social Behavior One of the most important things students learn at school is how to interact with each other. It isn’t taught as a subject like English, History, and Math, but perhaps it should be. And so, the subject falls on every teacher to teach social skills to every student, everyday. Having possibly experienced isolation, financial hardships, and even loss...

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