5 Interactive Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards may be the thorn in your non-decorating side or your favorite part of getting your classroom ready for the new school year. Either way, we’ve got five bulletin board ideas that will get the whole class involved! Also check out our Pinterest board with other great bulletin board ideas. 

1. Reading Tree
Foster a desire in children to read with a Reading Tree bulletin board. At the beginning of the school year, tape a construction paper tree to a wall—give it lots of branches. After a student has read a book have that student add a leaf to the tree. Click here to download a leaf template. First have the student write the book title, author, and their name on the front of the leaf. On the back of the leaf, have the student write a summary of the book. Then they can tape the leaf to the Reading Tree. During the year, your students will watch the tree grow and fill with leaves.

2. Graph Bulletin
Draw a grid on a large piece of poster board and display it on a bulletin board. Take photos of each student in the class and laminate them. Trim each photo to fit inside the boxes on the grid. Display a question above the graph such as, “What method of transportation do you use to get to school?” To the left of the grid write categories like Bus, Walk, Bike, and Car.  Have each student move their picture to the appropriate column. When the graph is complete, use it as a basis for math questions like, “How many students in this class ride the bus?” The activity can change daily or weekly.  

Or try this spring weather graph bulletin board.

5 Interactive Bulletin Boards | Remedia Publications

3. Math Machine
Use a Math Machine bulletin board to perk up math and identify any concepts that students may find difficult. Draw your own math machine/robot. Make him large enough for the whole class to see him. As students work on math problems independently, they can use scrap paper to write down any problems they need help with. Then they can pin their question to the Math Machine. At the end of the day, check the board to determine the areas the class or individual students need help with.

4. Stumpers
Stock your bookshelves (and classroom iPad) with almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference books. Use construction paper to make tree stumps on your bulletin board and label the board “Stumpers.” Label each stump with a category: Science, Math, Social Studies, etc.  Place a new “stumper” on the tree stumps each week, like “How many countries are in Asia?” Fast finishers or students looking for extra credit can research to find the answers. Have students turn in their answer and work cited to you by the end of the week. You can even hand out “We Couldn’t Stump You!” awards.

5. Wheel-o-Wiggles
Get those wiggles out with a brain break wheel. To make the Wheel-o-Wiggles, cut a large circle from poster board. Divide it into six or eight sections and label each with a different exercise: arm circles, plank, air guitar, pledge of allegiance, jumping jacks, push ups, squats, jazz hands, etc. Mount the circle on a square of cardboard with a paper fastener. Make it loose so it will spin easily. Draw an arrow on the cardboard pointing to the circle. When you see that your students need to get the wiggles out, have a student go to the board and spin the Wheel-o-Wiggles. Then do whatever exercise is designated for a minute, or until the wiggles are gone! Check out these popular spinners that will really help your Wheel-o-Wiggles POP!


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What is your favorite bulletin board to have in your classroom?

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