10 Fast Finisher Activities

What can I do now?! Answer the age-old question for your students who find themselves done before the rest of the class with these 10 Fast Finisher activities. Download our Fast Finisher Bingo (free download) game to give your fast finishers a variety of activities to complete that won’t interrupt you or their classmates. Bonus! More free downloads below.

  1. Create and solve 5 math word problems.
  2. Create a crossword puzzle or word search using 10 words from the current and/or past spelling list.
  3. Write a story that finishes this thought*…“I have just been picked to give advice to the President of the United States. The first thing that I will suggest to do is…”
  4. Find a book from the classroom library and read a chapter. Bonus: Write five questions about that chapter, or write what you think will happen next.
  5. Write and draw a comic strip about your friends, teacher, or school.
  6. Use a dictionary and a thesaurus to look up the word fun*. Find three words to replace the word. Write a sentence using each word.
  7. Create math problems for a Number Search (free download). Much like a Word Search, the goal is to find numbers in a grid that fit clues or word problems.
  8. Grab one of our fast finishers worksheets to complete. These super easy and super fun activities (for grade 2, grade 3, or grade 4) do not require teacher assistance, but will give fast finishers practice with critical thinking, reading, math, and much more.
  9. Come up with a secret alphabet code. Then write a three sentences using your unique code. Can a friend decode the sentences?
  10. Make matching puzzles. Use these puzzle pieces (free download) to create a puzzle for a friend to complete. Examples: math equations, riddles, states & capitals, rhyming words, word families, etc.

*The Fast Finisher Bingo PDF is editable, so that you can change these parts to best fit your classroom’s needs.

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